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How to update Ella Shopify Theme?

Hi Friends,

In this post, we will provide you an instruction video for how to update Ella Shopify Theme.

Ella Shopify Theme is #1 best selling theme on Envato so we always want to keep it updated regularly so if you want to update from Ella 6.0 to a higher version, this video is for you!

Note: The Logic of Updating a theme in Shopify platform:

Ella is the same as any other Shopify themes in Shopify platform. That is when a new update version released, it will be a core theme source, independent from the previous ones you are using. Thus, your changes on the previous versions will not be included in the update.

To update the theme to the latest version, you can follow our next instructions: We will guide you how to update theme and help you save your settings, changes.

Any custom works/ customizations/ changes which are not available from theme core default will be lost and needs customization from the starting point.